Are You A Virgin?

Are You A Virgin?


Virginity is the most precious thing you have that mark you special from other ladies. Don't think or believe that man hate virginity,every man love new,good and original thing.Keep it for your husband for it add valve to you.The demand of God is that you must keep your virginity.
Well,if you are still a virgin,yet is not enough!You need right ATTITUDE,right attitude contributes to your success.This is the meaning of VIRGINITY is more than Physical...........

  • V- virtuous way of life
  • I- integrity in life
  • R- reality of life
  • G- genuine way of life
  • I- important aspect of life
  • N- never impossible to live
  • I- innovation for determination
  • T- total principle for living
  • Y- your right attitude to life

Courtship not dating is a time to explore minds not bodies,treat it as a time to listen to and appreciate each other,not a period to experiment with or satisfy your lustful desire for this is God will.You are only allowed to have sex with your legitimate wife or husband.
As a child of God,your body is the temple of the living God,don't miss use it for if you do,God will destroy you.Read 1 Corin. 6:18-20.

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