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Our Services

Video planning

We research your brand, help you hone in on your video goals, find the right story, and set up all the logistics to make sure your shoot is hiccup-free.

Video creation

We record authentic (but gorgeous) video and audio, while keeping on-camera amateurs comfy and on message. Since our style is documentary, shoots are often one day with a two-person crew.

Video editing

We sequence clips, find and buy music, and add titles and graphics matching your brand. We also gather valuable feedback from test audiences before finalizing your film.

Photos, design, writing

Need marketing assets to flesh out your video campaign? We're happy to create blogs, social posts, or anything else that will make your outreach successful.

Video management

Let us help you craft a video-promotion plan, set up a content-creation schedule, build out the right distribution channels, and manage your video marketing strategy long-term.

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