Nwakego wed Nduka_film by Akinfe 'tunde

...another wedding packagd
wedding film shooting of my Brother and Sister
from another mother
Happy Married Life To You

Nwakego & Nduka 

    wedding trailer

A still and steady sound
A voice to calm your bones

A touch to soothe your soul
A smile to make it all better

A stare to reassure,
A glance. A look.

Nwakego & Nduka .

Love oftentimes require hard work.
Love goes way beyond the superficial.

But when the unexpected happen,
Nwakego & Nduka go back to what is pure—

Each other’s voice.
Each other’s touch.
Stare. Smile.

Photo by Niyi Karaole Williams
Film By Akinfe Akintunde Vincent
Camera Assistant By Makinde Favour

CTR Media Productions

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