Toyosi wed Ayodele 2018 Nigeria wedding Trailer

In our lives, what matters most is not how successful we are at all the things we do but rather the sincerity by which we accomplish them. The sincerity behind the decisions that we make provides the weight by which all of our memories are treasured. Exactly today, two decisions were made, with the Almighty standing witness, that have forever altered the course of those involved. Toyosi and Ayodele has had their share of accomplishments, A dream that started small and forward-looking; culminating in vows made with utmost sincerity and now blessed with a fruit of love and selflessness; together looking towards the future expectant and thankful. We at CTR are thankful for the trust given to us and we hope that through this simple work, we have added more weight to this already treasured experience. 2018 has been a wonderful year but before it ends, we present to you a love story we’ve been blessed to witness. God, indeed, writes the best love stories.

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