Ikú Jésù by Joshua Segun ( Directed by Akinfe Akintunde CTRMEDIA)


The death of Jesus clearly makes a worthless sinner become a valuable saint. He died to give us life. We live to share His Life. Happy Easter Nigerian gospel music singer Joshua Segun aka Lamorin, is a vocalist, song writer and minister known for folk, soul and dance influenced sound. Hails from kogi state, Raised in Lagos and presently based in Akure, Nigeria. I have been singing from childhood 7 yrs old to be precised( children choir). It’s a gift from God. Segun has so far released one album titled”iku Jesu” the death of Jesus. It includes songs; which are Jesu Ku, lamorin, irin ajo, Ogun asaju among others. Married to a fellow gospel vocalist. He was baptized at Christ Apostolic Church and director of music at Rccg. “Praise the Lord- Hallelujah I thank God for the salvation of my soul. If not for the grace of salvation I won’t be able to sing this song. Because Christianity has thought me to be disciplined in other to get my rewards in heaven. I think deeply that if beaten, cheated upon I can’t reply then in mid of the night, he that determines times and seasons stepped in, and began to speak to me; Segun the death of Jesus makes all things possible for you because he was beaten, chastised, drank wine mixed with myrrh, crucified, died and resurrected because of me.” – Joshua Segun Audio Link for Iku Jesu https://od7music.ng/iku-jesu-joshua-segun/ Lifetimetv.live is Africa’s largest hub and repository of great, edifying, and entertaining Christian creative contents ranging from music, books, movies, blog/news, interviews, trivia/Vox-pop and other forms of creative media. The aim of Lifetimetv.live is to provide content distribution platform that guarantees proper exposure to targeted audiences and also revenue (profit) generation for Christian creative contents and content creators. Lifetimetv.live is a one stop shop for everything Christian. We have access to a wide spectrum of audiences, which we cater for. Lifetimetv.live – we have high-end recording gears, gadgets, trained hands and a cutting-edge studio; available for Christian content creators (for movies, animations, adverts, music videos, skits, interviews) at a pocket friendly fee. We also provide support and coverage for Kingdom events from adverts, to red carpet coverage, main event coverage, live-recording and live-streaming. SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR MORE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqG9...​ VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://www.lifetimetvglobal.com FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/lifetimetv.live

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