Managing children amidst Covid-19 precautions can be tricky yet simple. The basic rule for parents is consistency in safeguarding their children. Make hand washing a lifestyle and mantra in your home (lead by example). Make sure soaps and water are available for children's use at all times. Children sometimes can overdo hand washing even when your water supply is limited. Please don't scold them. Instead supervise them including when they use hand sanitizers. Remember, if your taps do not run and you fetch water for future use, ensure the water containers are covered so that the water is not contaminated. If your water sources are contaminated, please boil the water before making your children use them to wash their hands. Keep your children away from people with respiratory illnesses and if your children are sneezing or coughing, encourage them to cover their noses and mouths with tissue paper or with their elbows. Used things like tissue paper and face masks should be disposed in a covered dustbin (do not let children play with them). If your children are showing symptoms of the Covid-19 infection, please call the relevant Covid-19 centers in your location. Remember, as parents, we must continue to observe personal hygiene and general sanitization of our environment.

Check out our previous episodes on Hand Washing ( and Sanitization ( for more information. Also check out our article on the Corona Virus Scare and Children via: ( Our interview with Dr Olagbuji on the "Corona Virus and Children" continues on this episode. Stay safe and keep your children safe, too.

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