With lockdown(s) being extended in many parts of the world, children especially babies and toddlers will be staying longer indoors instead of their creches and schools. This means the home is the only place for them to play and explore, hence the need for "Babyproofing" your house. Start simple, by keeping materials that can hurt children out of their reach such as screws, pins, beads, tiny jewelries and any other little objects or toys that children can easily swallow. Keep food items such as bean seeds away, so they don't stick them up their noses or ears. Keep all medications and cosmetic materials away, likewise. Prevent children from entering places such as the bathrooms and kitchens. Basically, let your children have a safe play area in the house and be on ground to monitor them. Check out our video on "Babyproofing" to get more information and try to read up more about "Babyproofing" tips. Take care and keep your children safe.

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