Annual Gospel Music Awards (AGMA) 2020 Highlight


OD7MUSIC’s Annual Gospel Music Awards (AGMA) is built to recognize gospel acts in Nigeria. This award’s major aim is to celebrate gospel music stars who have been working hard in the gospel music industry. Our study has made it clear that there have been gospel artists and groups who have not been getting deserved and encouraging recognitions, thereby making them move away from the gospel scene, fall for temptation and drop deep away from their foundation in the name of search for money and fame. Furthermore, this award celebrates established stars who have been holding up the gospel lane (through which the fast rising stars are threading) hence theAGMA does not leave out any CLASS in recognition. This award also pays cognizance to youthful artistry and importance hence; it celebrates and encourages the vibrancy and contributions of gospel music entrepreneurs to the betterment of the economy by massively inculcating them into the reward system. OD7MUSIC’s Annual Gospel Music Awards (AGMA) will try her best to bridge the gap between fast rising and established Gospel Stars , hence, PROMOTE THE GOSPEL MUSIC INDUSTRY in UNITY.

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