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#lifetimetv, #theopinion , #naija , #voxpop When the chalenges that ravages a nation becomes overwhelming, the hope of several becomes dim and as a nation at large, solutions seem inconcieveable. Can Nigeria ever be great again? 'Again' because she is assumed to have been great before, leading most African nations economically, industrially, financially, educationally, etc. But today, even in West Africa, Ghana is doing better than 'Naija.' Can the nation ever beat these African contemporaries, not to talk of competing with developed nations? We'll like to have your own opinion in the comment section. THE OPINIONS is Africa’s largest hub and repository of great, edifying, and entertaining Christian creative contents ranging from music, books, movies, blog/news, interviews, trivia/Vox-pop and other forms of creative media. The aim of is to provide content distribution platform that guarantees proper exposure to targeted audiences and also revenue (profit) generation for Christian creative contents and content creators. is a one stop shop for everything Christian. We have access to a wide spectrum of audiences, which we cater for. – we have high-end recording gears, gadgets, trained hands and a cutting-edge studio; available for Christian content creators (for movies, animations, adverts, music videos, skits, interviews) at a pocket friendly fee. We also provide support and coverage for Kingdom events from adverts, to red carpet coverage, main event coverage, live-recording and live-streaming. SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FACEBOOK​

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